Simon Zirkunow


These are some of my favorite talks I gave within the last years. I really enjoy absorbing everything on one topic and presenting it in the form of a lecture.

Random Access Insights
Web Monday Offenbach, February 2014

Talk on Daft Punk’s album “Random Access Memories.” After a brief introduction of the two musicians and their work as context, I presented 10 thoughts (in random order, of course) concerning how the album was made and why this was noteworthy. Hopefully, the audience took away some of these thoughts as inspiration for their next projects.
Video: 20 min (in German), Elaborated Transcript of the Main Points (in German), Slides, Talk Website

Looking Forward Through the Rearview Mirror
Web Monday Offenbach, September 2013

Talk on the topic of what we can learn from history and how it benefits our work today. I employed arguments and examples from different disciplines such as music, movies, art, show business, literature, and design. In accordance to the subject, the presentation slides are an homage to Bob Dylan’s promotional clip for “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by D.A. Pennebaker.
Audio: 21 min (in German), Transcript (in German), Slides, Project Page, Talk Website

The Many Faces of Herb Lubalin
Hochschule Konstanz, May 2013

Design history lecture on the life, work and influence of american graphic designer Herb Lubalin. I talked about his wide-ranging work as an advertising man, art director of several magazines, typographer and type designer. I also touched upon his way through life, the different companies he set up, and how he collaborated with others to realize his concepts.

Wim Crouwel and Total Design
Hochschule Konstanz, December 2012

Design history lecture on the life and work of dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel. Photographs and anecdotes offered a glimpse into the Total Design studio life. We also looked at his work as a curator and his role as a professor, his prolific typeface designs, as well as his influence on other designers in greater detail.

Bauhaus: The First School of Design
Hochschule Konstanz, November 2012

Design history lecture on the Bauhaus. I presented the formation of the Bauhaus, their approach to teaching, the Bauhaus’s influence up until today, and cleared up some common assumptions. The main part of the lecture was a timeline putting works by students and masters as well as developments at the Bauhaus into the context of other design events and world history.

Graphic Design History: An Introduction
Hochschule Konstanz, May 2010

3-day seminar on the graphic design history in the 20th century. It was held as a boot camp for new communication design and architecture students. We looked at art and design movements, noteworthy graphic designers, the influence of technology and how to apply all that knowledge to one’s own practice. I wrote a book based on this seminar as my master’s thesis.