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Kraftwerk for the Masses Event Branding

Sometimes, a project combines my passions for design and music. Such an opportunity came along when I was asked to develop the event branding for a Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode tribute party. After struggling for weeks I asked myself like every designer at one point in his career: “What would Wim Crouwel do?” This approach saved the day. I designed a custom typeface that resembles a circuit board from a synthesizer, referencing the electronic music made by both bands. Everything else fell into place. After the original event in Frankfurt am Main, there was a follow-up party with the refined design showcased here.

Tha antenna visual is inspired by Kraftwerk’s “Radioactivity” record and it was used as a motion graphic during the event.
The poster is designed to stand out by being simpler than its surroundings and straight to the point.
The flyer featured the antenna visual on the back while retaining all the information on the front.
Business card sized promos were produced and they became popular give-aways.
The custom logotype is based on 45° and 90° angles found on circuit boards.

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