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Kosmos Typeface

When I was about to design my own text typeface, I picked up something Jonathan Barnbrook said along the lines of: “Design typefaces that reflect the time.” During that period, I was spending most of my time working at my computer. The shapes on the keyboard for each key didn’t reflect the individual character, but were rather moulded in the same way to facilitate their production. Since the rhythm and pacing of traditional handwriting was absent from this modern environment, I decided to leave them behind, as well, and base the typeface on the same principles as the technology which surrounds us: Every character is derived from one consistent shape that abandons classically drawn letters in favor of constructed ones. Thas was back in 2008, but the concept seems more fitting with each year passing by.

An example of the typeface in use with an appropriate quote by Kevin Flynn.
Most of the individual letters are based on the same geometric shape with the necessary optical corrections applied.
The stroke width is consistent. Several efforts were made to make certain problematic combinations more distinguishable.
This is the full range of upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers, some of the special characters, and even an upper-case ß.
The typeface works well in display and text sizes. This text is an old German pangram. (It actually isn’t, but why shouldn’t type design be fu’n, fu’n, fu’n?)
A promotional postcard which showcases the characters and pays homage to orderliness in design. Also, there is that keyboard which inspired the typeface.
Literally putting the purpose of design on its head with a quote from Salvador Dalí.
The first official use of Kosmos as the signage typeface for the exhibition “my face your space” as well as the accompanying catalog.

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