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KD-Lounge Lecture Series

When I was a design student, I organized a lecture series for two semesters before my graduation. In addition to selecting the speakers and taking care of the bureaucratic side of such events, I seized the chance to design the posters for each lecture. The first batch of posters was influenced by 1960s graphic design. The second batch of posters was manually produced by painting, spraying or cutting out the letters. In addition, the lectures were announced through a website which also served as an archive for past talks.

The lecture series logo (eye/wineglass/record) was established by Bensch Lüdiger, my predecessor.
Holger Jost gave a lecture on the work of German designer Christian Chruxin, whose representation of dimensionality on a flat surface is referred to here.
Jörg Stürzebecher lectured on the use of language at the Ulm School of Design. The poster picks up on his admiration for Wendelin Niedlich’s bookshop logo (designed by Wolfgang Schmidt), which is : , ! ’
A tongue-in-cheek, literal translation of the title of Uta Schneider’s talk “Das Auge liest mit” (one looks at the typography as well as the content while reading).
In his lecture, Gerhard Buurman called attention to the political dimensions and implications of working as a designer. The main poster borrows from a French riot poster from the 1960s.
Hartmut Bohnacker and Benedikt Groß talked about generative design. By setting up the poster at different locations, you could emulate generative design without using a computer.
Eberhard Schlag focused on the potential of design to communicate complex messages by translating them into three-dimensional space. This is suggested by the movement of text.
Karin Schmidt-Friderichs gave a lecture on book design, production and publishing. The poster is an announcement of her talk in front of a library backdrop with a twist.
The website uses a strict, grid-based design that places emphasis on the contents of the archive: texts, photos and video documentation of the talks.
Each lecturer received a record as a thank you.
Impressions from the lectures.

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