Simon Zirkunow


These are some thoughts and comments on design and adjacent disciplines.

About That Breuer Chair
Rummaging in the history of design is often rewarding and on occasion even delightful. I found this odd exchange between Mercel Breuer and Kurt Schwitters on the topic of Breuer’s chair, which should make you smile.

A Designer’s Double Life
When presenting our projects and life events online, we tend to eclipse the obstacles and the hard work which lead to the results. This is an invitation to speak more honestly about what we do and to narrow the gap between the reality of being a designer and the way we talk about it.

AGI Open Conference in London
Some of the themes from the conference, including: education, young designers, art and design, clients in different roles, and jazzy socks.

Seeing Comes Before Words
A brief entry on the origin of this journal: Why this website evolved and became a place, where I share my thoughts—both in images and in writing.